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join martinfuckmans actors family!
  • you don’t have to follow me to enter [but if you don’t already follow me then why do you even want to be in my family?
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details once...

join our ohana pls??



dun start wit me ill sic my dragon on u




im sry pls have a gif of my brother being himself to appease ur anger

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re-uploading because i still like it, inaccuracies and all

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for the second winner of my art giveaway follower appreciation blah blah thing, exploit-my-savagery! /wheezes

the request was supposed to be khan with a phaser looking menacing, which is apparently synonymous with “pin up boys of star trek” so, yknow, yeah, close enough

he was supposed to be wearing clothing but i liked the muscles so………….

(“how do i make this less slutty?” i ask myself. “oh of course!! THROW IN SOME ROSES IN THE BACKGROUND, THAT’LL DO THE TRICK” did it work nope)

I - I HOPE YOU LIKE IT, DARLING xoxo /turns red and runs away

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follower appreciation giveaway art prize #1 (/breathes)! for sobeautifullyobsessed, who asked for a moment from her fic, that certain piece /beams thank you for entering my giveaway, bb, i hope you like it/it turned the way you wanted! xo

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a sulky little catlock, hanging onto a squishy jean pillow ;-; for hoorayforgatiss because you’re beautiful human being for making me a squishy little pillow thing lskjdfldajf I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SAY THANK YOU SO I MADE YOU A DOODLE


@cumberlocked Okay so I hadn’t noticed that I didn’t send that ask when I meant to and it say out for hours but anyway, while I was looking for fabric, I was like, “Hey guess what’s funny! I don’t know HOW TO SEW A FUCKING DRESS” so I made you a cute little pillow out of jeans.

omg wtf this is the cutest fuckign thing i’ve eve rsneen!?!??!?!?!?!!??! c-caN I HAVE IT OMG??? WTH A JEAN PILLOW LIKE … WTH ITS SO CUTE I’M GONNA PUNCH THE WALL

Wufflock is so cute! Are the two of them two sniffer dogs working at Scotland Yard in your mind or consulting canines that help out on occasion? Thank you for your beautiful art and a very happy easter c:

awr, thank you! i actually have a thing written up for wufflock if you feel up to reading it! there’s a link to a headcanon thing on the page as well, which pretty much sums up john and sherlock’s backstory and how they got to where they are now

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tuckered out from a long day of chasing squirrels and growling at everyone suspicious down at scotland yard, john and sherlock snooze on peacefully. greg doesn’t want to disturb their nap, but he does place little plastic easter eggs close to them, and takes the opportunity to snap a quick picture.

Omg more wufflock, I screamed. I'm so fascinated! Do you have any head canon for them? How did they meet! Do they have owners that have no idea about their detective double life or are they funky strays? Playing loose and running fast! Xx

okay wow yes uhm!! i have a lot of headcanons for this, you’re going to be sorry you asked ahaha… also hope you don’t mind that i publish this!

there’s a frigging novel about wufflock under the cut, be warned

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