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amazing art blog
connections to her personal blog tinabatch
takes arts requests
the nicest blogger ever
just perfect tbh

/cries thiS PH toTTOOTOjTAjflkjd ilyuyyuyy


A video for cumberlocked because she wanted to see my puppy. Well, here it is: he has puppy hiccups. This includes how high pitched my puppy-voice is. Don’t ask me why that happens.

crYING LOOK AT THIS PRECIOUS BAB !!!!11 i had hiccups earlier this morning too actually but mine were like banshee-screech hiccups

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a million years ago, anon asked for cat-john and cat-sherlock, and because i’m really good at following instructions, i made john a german shepherd


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► Name ➔ tina
► Hometown ➔ toronto, canada!
► Hair color ➔ depends on the light, but generally speaking, “dark brown”
► Age ➔ 24
► Eye Color ➔ brown
► Birthday ➔ feb 23
► Gender ➔ female
► Lefty or Righty ➔ righty

► Single or taken? ➔ single
► Happy? ➔ yes. i am a generally cheerful person

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This has been a really hard time for me. And you guys have come to the rescue. Thank you. I actually sent my bank an email just a few moments ago telling him I hd the late payment now, and he said that since I had gained that so quickly, he wouldn’t mind giving me the extension or shaving a few dollars off the payment itself.

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like i said in the priv message, cat-love, it really wasn’t a hard decision to make at all. xo

please don’t worry about paying me back or anything. knowing that you’ll still have a house to live in is really enough “payment” for me.

i’m sending you lots of love and positive feelings, and you and your family are in my thoughts.




My mom recently lost her job, and my sister can’t take out student loans for college either. All of my mom’s money is being dedicated to getting the debt that we already have paid off, and we don’t have the money for our monthly bills. 

PLEASE, if you can donate anything at all, you’ll help to put food on our table, put electricity in our house, and keep our roof over our heads. I would be forever grateful.

If you need my PayPal information, just shoot me a message. I cannot thank you all enough for your help. My family is just in a very tight spot, and I don’t know what to do anymore. We can’t afford anything, and we have already had to have one car repossessed. Please help in any way you can.


A donation button linked directly to my PayPal has been put on my blog in the first updates tab. This will make it easier and quicker. There is no minimum amount to donate. All donations help, and I am so very grateful.

I promise that as soon as I can legally get a job, I’m going to be having a huge giveaway to thank all of the people who helped me through such a hard time. Not only that, but also awards, blog rates, and anything your hearts desire. You guys are helping me so much; you have no clue how grateful I am! 

Thank you all so very much. Remember to please spread the word! Any thing helps! 

how well do you know me: what are my biggest turn ons?


fancy asking me if i know what your biggest turn ons are

are you ready

the answer is martin freeman.

but whoa now, we’re not done yet —

let’s talk about why martin freeman is one of your biggest turn ons

let’s talk about how when he looks at someone, he doesn’t just glance at them, he really looks. and when he looks, it’s a steady gaze that doesn’t waver or falter, and there’s no hesitation or bashfulness behind his dark blue eyes. let’s talk about the way he inclines his head just slightly when he’s listening to someone talk, like a focused hound; let’s talk about how his eyebrows draw together slightly in concentration, and how his expression is that perfect middle between indifferent and amused.

let’s talk about how he smiles and how it doesn’t always reach his eyes, especially when he’s having an off day, and he’s not in the mood to humour the press. he’s polite, but not always friendly; let’s talk about how he values his privacy and can come across as brusque and abrupt, and how his words can be acerbic — even as he smiles, and for a second or two, you can be fooled by the swift, easy-going curl of his lips.

let’s talk about how colossally unaffected he seems, by his fame, by the press, by the attention. let’s talk about how he seems to keep a cool head at all times, and is never lost for words. it’s that steadfast, detached part of his personality that sometimes blurs the lines between martin freeman and john watson, retired army doctor. because he wasn’t ever in the military, but you can easily forget it, when he stands with his hands loosely clasped behind his back, and faces the paparazzi with a slightly lifted chin, and a coolly polite smile that doesn’t reach his eyes. let’s talk about how the media is never sure how to respond to his jokes (are they jokes?), because he effortlessly keeps a straight face.

let’s talk about how he licks his lips, and how much of a tease it is. let’s talk about how it draws attention, albeit unintentionally, to his smile and teeth, and lips.

let’s talk about how when he laughs, he throws his head back and commits to the action, like he commits to everything he does in his life.

let’s talk about how everyone calls him adorable and “little martin” and an “everyday man”. let’s talk about that, because you’ve always known he’s like cold fire behind the smile and casual swear words. there’s anger there that simmers quietly.

let’s talk about how quietly confident he is. let’s talk about how casually he can say things like, “i was the best fucking actor”, and, “if you think i’m in that motherfucker’s shadow”, and, “fuck you, i won a bafta”. let’s talk about how he doesn’t stammer, doesn’t blush, and never stumbles over his words.

let’s talk about how he makes you nauseous with want, and admiration, and appreciation. let’s talk about how your breath catches when you see photos of him unexpectedly on your dash, and how you put your hand over your face to hide your overwhelmed feelings when you think about kissing the neutral expression off his face. let’s talk about how you want to hit him and hold him and shout at him and whisper in his ear all at the same time. let’s talk about how he confuses you, with how difficult it is to pin down his personality, his quirks, and his being.

let’s talk about all of that

hey remember this

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Spent an hour doing my street-walker makeup and hair. I am very proud. :3

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guuuuurl make up game 2strong pls you look so lovely as always
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ben c at sdcc
ben c impersonating gollum
ben c pointing at penguins

crying because ben c