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Psssssst I love you and I hope you're doing okay <3

scattysomething replied to your photoset “hello. yesterday i rescued this hamster from someone who pretty much…”

You go, Tina!
May his previous owner some real life equivalent to The Demontors Kiss, and see/relive what a horrible person they are. Good for you for rescuing this handsome fluffball.

thanks, and yes!! i hope he suffers slow wifi for the rest of his life. /frown this furball is such a lively little friendly feller uwu he’s uh, a little bit dumb, bless him, but he is SO FRIENDLY aaah i’m so excited for him in his new home <3

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have a little short video of gus running in his wheel! he really likes the new cage, the old one didn’t have many fun things in it.

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Pssshhhh I do it all the time. Who needs ‘em. You keep doin’ you. (uwu)

ily thank you for your support <3 and i’m not even reblogging art that’s already on my blog, i’m reblogging from my previous blog ‘cause i’d like the art back on my blog @__@!! man oh man there’s just no pleasing some people

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wow didn’t realize reblogging my own art would offend several followers into unfollowing me


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from that day on, greg always texted ahead

otp challenge day 2 • being interrupted by someone

get back on my blog, thanks… i never did finish this challenge ahaha

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Anonymous asked cumberlocked:
Could you perhaps draw more greaserlock art? I’m so in love with this AU and would love to see more from you. :3 Thank you~

if it looks like i totally gave up when i got to the motorbike, that’s because that’s exactly what happened. i have drawn motorcycles twice in my life and wept tears of pain each time despite using references so really you’d THINK THEY’RE NOT THAT HARD BUT THEY ARE /mops eyes with tissues


lies down and rolls away

ye gods look at all my gross mistakes ahahah /puts this back on blog anyway

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"Knitted it myself!"

"I… see."

for the winner of my 345 follower art giveaway, winchestersntea, who requested bilbo and smaug! bilbo knitted the scarf all by himself. smaug isn’t sure whether to laugh or not.

new tab for high res~

smooches, darling, hope you like it <3

huehuehuehue penis i’m mature i know

let’s put this back on my blog too

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click for nsfw. it’s actually not very nsfw, but uh, i tagged it for people who are scared of pubes. /stare

this is a quick sloppy sketch doodle for sophers, who was tired of being spammed with bottom!john. i was only too happy to try and remedy her night.

mm let’s put this back on my blog

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hello. yesterday i rescued this hamster from someone who pretty much told me, “well if you won’t take it, i’m just going to leave him on a sidewalk, because i don’t have time to take him to an animal shelter.” (i work at a pet supply store.) some human beings are really wonderful creatures aren’t they!!!!

i bought him a new cage since the one he came with was falling apart. i have named him gus, since the previous owner didn’t bother telling me his name. anyway. he will be rehomed with a friend of mine on saturday but until then, i will be taking care of him. he is a cute little bean, and i hope his previous owner gets eaten by an angry rhino for what he put this little fellow through (note: missing fur from above nose, mane missing chunks of fur).

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